Toonoonba Catchment Flow

Toonooba’s Catchment Flow-Cyclone over Capricorn. 

This large scale piece interconnects cultural stories with scientific & environmental information relating to the geographical area

Themes for works are reflective of Yvonne’s passion for the Australian environment & cultures and are interwoven with narratives from traditional legends & stories of place. Some may also be exclusively about environmental /scientific data of landscapes depicted. 

Intaglio Print

Plate size:
w 102cm x h 58.7 cm 

1 SOLD (2 variations available)


Editions usually are limited to 5-10 per plate with most exclusive to one-off colour variations.


Unique Technique & Multi-Interpretive Form Makes This Artwork Truly Yours


Yeppoon, QLD


Ph: 0409 638496

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